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Switch Lubing

The keystone of Ashkeebs is creating the smoothest switches that you desire.
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Spring Swapping

Not wanting to use stock springs? Send your springs in and I'll switch them over.

Film Placement

Careful placement of films ensure your switches stay tight & reduce stem wobble

Leg Clipping

PCB-mount legs will be clipped as per any customer's request.

Ashkeebs Lubing Service is here to help.

A small interest in a small part of the hobby has turned into a labour of love. Switch lubing has become an integral part of reaching the idea of “endgame”, but can be a hurdle for some who either don’t have the will to do it, the time, or the skill. Having someone who has experience in switch lubing thousands of switches brings a closer guarantee to a smooth, consistent switch feel across your board. This is where I come in.

The Guarantee

Switch lubing - individually tailored.

Switch lubing - individually tailored.

There are many particulars when it comes to lubing a switch just the way one likes. Fortunately, this is easy to tailor to, and with a guarantee of ensuring that each switch feels the same as the last and to the specifications of the customer, you are guaranteed to love them as much as they were a joy to lube.

What to Expect

A simple, cost-effective process.

A simple, cost-effective process.

A form on the website will provide a standard template to make order taking easier. Requests will be completed as they arrive, and will have a quick turnover, typically within 1-3 days, dependent upon quantity. Invoices will be sent out for the service by hand when approximately three-quarters of the switches have been lubed, and shipped out once completed and payment received.

A Focus on Loyalty

Your loyalty will not go ignored.

Your loyalty will not go ignored.

All business is greatly appreciated, and it's important for repeating customers to know their continued contribution is valued as well. Every third order will receive a 20% discount, as well as all orders over 400 switches. Discounts will not stack if on third order with 400+ switches.

Available Lube

All non-stocked lube to be supplied or purchased at the customer’s expense – lubing fee will be waived.

Krytox 205G0

A house favourite for linears and Zeal V2 switches alike.

Tribosys 3204

Most desirable for tactile switches; keeps tactility, yet much smoother than stock.

Tribosys 3203

A thinner version of 3204 - more tactility preserved, closer to stock feel.

Krytox 105G0

An oil best applied to springs, for even smoother switches. Combine for the smoothest experiences.


Krytox 106g0 – Switch Oil

US $8.99US $14.99

Krytox 105g0 – Switch Oil

US $8.99US $14.99
Sold out

Infinikey Port

US $25.00US $85.00
Sold out

TX Switch Films

US $6.49
Sold out

Krytox 205g0 – Switch Lubricant

US $8.99US $29.98

Happy Customers

What are you interested in?

Choice of Lube
/ 100 switches
  • Krytox 205g0/105g0, Trybosis 3203/3204
  • * Non-stocked lube purchased at customer's expense
Popular Choice
Switch Lubing
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/ switch
  • Approx. 1-3 day turnaround time per 100 switches lubed
  • Every switch is tested before shipping out
Switch Films
fan color
/ switch
  • Keeps switches secure and wobble-free, and provide greater longevity
  • * Films provided by customer

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