C³ Tangerines – Review

C³ Tangerines – Review


A personal favourite, and one of the greatest Gateron clones on the market to date.

Linear – 62g/67g bottom-out

/ Mliky- and Black-Bottom Variants
/ Price – $0.70/switch
Tangerines are far-and-above my favourite linear. While I didn’t think I’d be a fan of the stem colour, the homage paid to the likes of the Hirose switch without the incredible price tag make these switches a real treat to own and use. While I don’t use any switches stock, they do have a smooth travel and low amount of spring ping, but where they truly shine is once they’re lubed. The sound is a deeper thock as the switch bottoms out against the plate, and the travel is buttery smooth with no resistance.


Smooth stock, and even smoother lubed
Current variant available with milky Gateron top housing, black bottom housing for improved acoustic
High quality stock spring
For the quality, the price is definitely worth it


Only available through TheKeyCompany (TKC) via groupbuys
Milky-bottom housing variant no longer available via groupbuy - only available in first GB that took place in 2018
Silent variant cancelled due to patent issues


I truly cannot sing the Tangerines’ praises enough. Their sound when lubed with Krytox 205g0 is music to my ears, and sounds fantastic with any plate and case material. If TKC offers them again, I recommend joining.
Source: C3 Tangerines