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Gateron Linjärs – Review

A properly-executed, cheap, enjoyable one-off switch variant that should be bought aftermarket for both use and collective purposes.

Linjärs are a pretty special switch for the value that they initially ran. At $0.35/switch, a custom, limited Gateron switch would turn a lot of heads as a runner who cares not for profits simply wants to bring pride to their home country of Sweden, while at the same time, bringing a switch to the market that is worth its value. It can no longer be obtained for that low price through vendors, now averaging $0.55/switch, but it’s still worth adding to your repertoire if you’re intending on lubing them. They are a solid, smooth linear with a nice middle-pitch sound with 3204, and a deep thock with 205g0. Without lube, though, the spring is very pingy and the switch doesn’t feel much different than other stock linears. It could benefit more from spring-swapping. At this current point in time, there has only been one production run, and none have been planned for the future, so these should be considered an exclusive switch!

Swedish Variant Only

Incredibly cheap group buy pricing during initial launch ($0.35/switch)

Excellent feel and acoustic after lubing

An iconic meme switch (cheers Sweden!)

Good spring for the value of the switch


Without lube, they’re nothing spectacular

Can only be purchased from MyKeyboard or aftermarket due to limited run


For just the springs alone, they are worth buying, and the switches themselves are perfectly acceptable to use in any build.

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