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Gateron Yellows – Review

A cheap, effective, and highly-celebrated linear switch that will constantly be found out of stock.

Gateron Yellows are truly a bang for your buck. With two variants available for whatever you prefer, a higher- or lower-pitched sound, it allows for a wider range of customers to enjoy the product. They aren’t a particular heavy switch at a 50g actuation and 60g bottom-out, yet the spring has an interesting stiffness to it that lends to the unique feel they are known for; they have such an interesting feel that people will swap them out into other linear switches and will consider it an improvement.

Various Colours

Cheapest switches on the market (stock Gateron line)

Most enjoyable acoustic out of all stock Gaterons

Most unique spring weight and feel out of all stock Gaterons, and doesn’t need to be swapped

Further improved with milky Gateron tops (changes acoustic)


As it is highly sought after, stock is out frequently

Milky-top Gateron Yellows are harder to find than transparent-topped versions


For just the springs alone, they are worth buying, and the switches themselves are perfectly acceptable to use in any build.

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