Arch Linux: A minimal Linux Distribution with a focus on Modernity, Simplicity, Versatility, User Centrality, and Pragmatism
GMK Arch was inspired by the Linux Distribution and it’s 5 major principles. It’s a distribution that Ram is especially fond of like many others in the Linux Community.

Comprehensive Ortho/Ergo/40s support in the GCC Kit.
Permission for use of Arch Linux Logo received by their trademark team.
10% of the Designer’s Proceeds will be donated to the Arch Linux Foundation.


Support for the majority of popular layouts in the Shell Kit with 3 key 40s support. You’re able to fully personalize the set to your own liking with the additional TTY Kit and GUI Kit offering icon modifiers and uniform alphas.

Guaranteed MOQ for the Localization & GCC kit.





Check out the official list of Vendors below.

Canada: Buy Now


SEA: iLumkb

Keycap Details

Manufactured by GMK

Profile: Cherry

Sculpt: 1 1 2 3 4 4

All Keycaps: Doubleshot ABS