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Keebwerk Tacit. – Review

The newest silent tactile switch to hit the market, tacit. switches do not fail to impress.

Keebwerk has provided me with a sample batch in exchange for an honest review, and I can honestly say that these are a fantastic option for tactile switch lovers. Originally under the moniker of Wasabi switches, the tacit. switch does not disappoint: custom transparent housing with the keebwerk branding, gold-plated springs that have little-to-no crunch when lubed, and a nice bump in the top-middle section of the press. After lubing a group of them with 205g0, the delightful rounded feel of the bump combined with the smoothness of a thick lube and absolute silence is a satisfaction that is hard to match. If you want to bring your keyboard to your office, or have an office at home and don’t want to bother anyone, these are the ideal silent tactile switches for you.

BONUS: Keebwerk’s page for the tacit. switch provides an excellent breakdown of their product, and is done in a simplistic yet elegant fashion.

Transparent Variant

Excellent tactile bump both stock and with lube

Impressively quiet

Complemented extremely well by a thick lube like Krytox 205g0

Vibrant stem colour with clear housing for RGB lovers


On the more expensive side, though cheaper than other silent tactile alternatives


A strong entry into the switch game by Keebwerk, I look forward to seeing what their new Bushi. switches hold.

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