NovelKeys Creams (V2) – Review

NovelKeys Creams (V2) – Review


A new and improved iteration of the first POM-on-POM switch that brings with it a fun feeling and sound.

Linear – 55g actuation/70g bottom-out

/ Cream and Nolive Variants
/ Price – $0.60-$0.65/switch
The second iteration of the Creams are a result of listening to consumer feedback to fix a few problems from the first round: a leathery contact feel, high friction, and lack of ability to withhold applied lube. All of this has been done away to allow for a quality switch both stock and lubed. Due to the nature of both the stem and the housing, the switch will lubricate itself and has been marketed as not needing to be lubed at all. Just like any switch, though, I personally feel it does indeed benefit from lubing, especially the springs. Stock spring ping is apparent in any switch, and the Creams are no exception.


First self-lubricating switch, second iteration
Self-lubricating POM-on-POM contact results in a smooth stock switch
While self-lubricating, it does take well to applied lube
Very a e s t h e t i c cream colour


Very odd smell when left in a container or bag
Not readily available (second round sold out within an hour, next to come in July)
Housing becomes loose when opened, resulting in a need for polycarbonate film application


While there have been some mixed reviews for these switches, I have, thus far, enjoyed using them, and have not encountered any issues that cropped up with the previous version. Grab them while they’re hot, and if you don’t like them, they’re easy to sell in the after-market.
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