AEBoards Switches (R1.5)

From AEBoards come revision 1.5 of the Naevy and Raed switches! These improve over the previous iteration by factory-lubing the springs, and the introduction of the proprietary Mixed PE stems.

Switches come bundled in packs of 35.

The AEBoards switch stems have reported issues with Geekark keycaps breaking inside of the cap stem. Please purchase at your own discretion if planning to use with tight stem keycaps.

  • Switch Types – Tactile (N) / Linear (R).
  • Spring Weight – 58g.

USD $ 22.75



The Naevy switch project has been years of continual research and development into tactile switches. The tactile switch market was been stagant and without any innovation and required acquisition of multiple switches to be put together – increasing over cost, plastic waste and effort.

The aim of the Naevy switch is to create a new type of tactile – affordable and good as a stock switch. The stem is an original mold owned by AEBoards and it uses a panda derivative housing (most commonly used for tactile switch modding). All funding was paid for by AEBoards without any GB money involved – they shouldered the risk on the project because they believe in what they’re providing to the community.

For the Raeds, they’ve taken what they like about the Naevies and put that into a linear version. It includes the same materials, but with a custom stem mould that is longer and smoother than the average linear.

Additional information

Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 cm

Naevy, Raed

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