Amethyst Tactile Switches

Ashkeebs’ tactile switch debut, the Amethyst switches, are here! Featuring PC opaque housing with our logo on the top housing, POM long-pole stem, and double-extension spring for an even, snappy keypress!

Switches come bundled in groups of 10.

  • Switch Type – Tactile.
  • Spring Weight – 63g.
  • Switch Material – PC housing, POM stem.
  • Manufacturer – Tecsee.

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In stock

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We couldn’t be more excited to announce one of two parts of our first switch collection release: the Amethyst tactile switch! They feature two of the colours from our logo, and the housing shares the same colouring as its namesake gem. The Amethyst switches feature a long stem pole which makes for a satisfying, clacky bottom-out, and the double-extension spring allows for a snappy stem return!

Photos taken by the wonderful Sterling & Co. Photography!

Typing Test



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USA: Bolsa Keyboard Supply
SEA: Zion Studios


Additional information

Weight 0.016 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 cm

6 reviews for Amethyst Tactile Switches

  1. Beckett Chung (verified owner)

    I am absolutely loving these switches.

    Currently rocking them stock in a KBD67 Lite V2. Sound is much deeper pitched than I expected, which I love. The bottom out is extremely crisp and the tactility is beautifully sharp.

    Very smooth stock experience, though I with lube and film them soon just to see.

    I’m also really enjoying the long spring and poles, and they provide a very snap, fast-feeling typing experience. I feel like my WPM has tripled hahaha.

    Super satifying swithces and

  2. business.fazo (verified owner)

    Amazing switch overall! Beautiful colors, amazing feel, crispy upstroke & bottom outs! Personally I enjoy a 65-68g spring weight in my switches so I have a second set that I’m currently testing out a SPRiT multistage m1 68g spring in, slighty less snappy on the upstroke.
    Also grabbing another set to try the stems in the PME housings from the Auralite switches as well.

    PS- Can’t wait for the upcoming switches and the TX bag to be restocked!

    – Fazo

  3. stevepentland (verified owner)

    Really enjoying these switches. They feel really nice and have a great tactile feel without being heavy. I did add some 205g0 to them but I skipped filming as the housings seemed really nice and tight.

  4. John Whalen (verified owner)

    Overall I really like them. Subjectively to me, they feel and sound very similar to the Boba U4t, which were already my favorite tactile switch.

    The sound profile to me sounds right in the middle of clacky and thocky. Very nice.

    They are pretty decent stock. No loud spring ping, feel pretty smooth, and have a very snappy return. I lubed them because even though they feel pretty smooth, they sound scratchy AF stock. I sparingly used K205g0 and it made the scratchiness go away and gave it a slightly more thocky sound profile very similar to Boba U4t stock.

    Lastly, the colors are beautiful. If you have time to lube them I highly recommend these switches and these are yet another solid alternative.

  5. Jarret Guo (verified owner)

    These switches sound amazing. I currently have them in my Keychron Q2 and after watching the sound test in the product page, I decided to use them stock.

    Holy moly, I absolutely love the sound profile. It’s thocky with some clack to it. That tactility is there but it actually provides a rather smooth typing experience! Not sure if I’ll be lubing them as I already am loving the tying experience with these switches. I cannot stress how good these are. If you are in the market for some tactile switches, pick these up!!!

  6. Nicolas Tyhurst (verified owner)

    These are the perfect switches for me stock. I’m shocked that there is nothing else like it out there but I love the clack. Please, please keep these in stock.

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