Black Lotus Linear Switches

Black Lotus Linear Switches offer an amazing out-of-the-bag smooth feel and satisfying sound. The factory lube on these are well-applied and should not require any modification. Enjoy the new moulds, diffuser, and smooth 4mm keypress!

Switches come bundled in groups of 10. BONUS: The first 100 orders of quantity 6+ (60 switches) will receive an extra switch for your spacebar. The spacebar switch is an 80g, unlubed version with a milky white stem.

  • Switch Type – Linear.
  • Spring Weight – 63.5g.
  • Material – Modified PC & UPE blend top housing, Nylon bottom housing, Modified POM long-pole stem.
  • Manufacturer – Durock.

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New for 2023, Black Lotus Linear Switches use brand new moulds and feature a handful of innovations. The switch features a long pole stem in combination with a uniquely designed bottom housing that allows the switch to still travel a full 4mm. This new design offers a smoother feel and the higher precision reduces housing and stem wobble.

The springs are gold-plated stainless steel and rated for a 55g actuation and 63.5g bottom out. Also, this switch has a unique feature starting with the Black Lotus – a removable light diffuser which provides even in-switch lighting!

The top housing on the Black Lotus Linear Switches are made from a translucent modified PC and UPE blend in a deep burgundy color while the bottom housing is solid black Nylon with PCB mount pins. These pins are thicker to help prevent bending, another improvement to their new switches. The long pole stem is made from modified POM and is black.

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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 cm

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