Block-67 R2 Keyboard Parts (Extras)

Ashkeebs has partnered with ENG Studio to bring you Block-67 R2, a budget 65% VIA-compatible keyboard whose uniform bezel gives it a pleasant blocky appearance!

  • Keyboard Profile – 65% (7° Slope).
  • Mounting Method – Gummy O-Ring.

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Based on the open-source design of the Bakeneko65, the Block-67 R2 makes a few key improvements over its progenitor. Notably, the internal dimensions of the board have been tweaked for better acoustics, the PCB has been changed to a multi-layout hotswap, and the front height has been adjusted to 17mm, complimenting the uniform 7mm bezel and giving the keyboard its titular blocky appearance.

A variety of spare parts are available for the Block-67, including plates, o-rings, PCBs, daughterboards, and case foam. Available materials for spare plates are Brass, FR-4, Polycarb, and POM, and the o-rings come in two durometers; the 55A o-ring is the default mount used by the Block67, whereas the 30A o-ring is softer, and contributes a bouncier typing feel to the board.

Be sure to pick up a Block-67 keyboard on the main page!

Additional information

Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 10 cm

FR-4 Plate, Polycarb Plate, POM Plate, Brass Plate, 55A O-ring, 30A O-ring, Hot-swap PCB, Daughterboard, Foam Kit

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