Block-67 R2 Keyboard

Ashkeebs has partnered with ENG Studio to bring you Block-67 R2, a budget 65% VIA-compatible keyboard whose uniform bezel gives it a pleasant blocky appearance!

  • Group Buy Duration – May 28 – July 5, 2022.
  • Estimated Shipping Date – Q2 2023.
  • Keyboard Profile – 65% (7° Slope).
  • Mounting Method – Gummy O-Ring.

USD $ 170.00$ 175.00

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Based on the open-source design of the Bakeneko65, the Block-67 R2 makes a few key improvements over its progenitor. Notably, the internal dimensions of the board have been tweaked for better acoustics, the PCB has been changed to a multi-layout hotswap, and the front height has been adjusted to 17mm, complimenting the uniform 7mm bezel and giving the keyboard its titular blocky appearance.

The Block-67 R2 is available for purchase in seven distinct colours, and each board comes with an aluminum plate that features cut-outs to support screw-in stabilizers, as well as a gummy 55A O-ring for the mounting mechanism. The included daughterboard is fully QMK/VIA compatible, and the kit includes a JST USB-C cable, as well as the screws required for its assembly. Alternate plate materials, softer O-rings, and spare PCBs and daughterboards are all available for separate purchase on our parts page!

Looking for spare or alternate parts? Head over to the parts page and pick some up!


Canada: You are here!
US: ENG Studio
OCE: AllCaps
SEA: Zion Studios

Group Buy Information

As this is a Group Buy there are no refunds available once the GB has closed. Please make sure you consider this before joining. This a pre-order for this keyboard. This set will be manufactured after the GB period. If you join this GB, you’ll receive the keyboard after production is completed in approximately Q2 2023. Please do not add in-stock items, or items from other group buys to this order. All in-stock items added to orders will be cancelled from that order and refunded. Any orders with different group buy projects combined will be cancelled and refunded. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to these terms.

Additional information

Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 10 cm

Black (Anodized), Red (Anodized), Navy (Anodized), Rose Gold (Anodized), Lavender (Anodized), Grey (Anodized), E-White

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