C³Equalz Screw-in Stabilizers V3

Screw-in, Cherry-style PCB mount stabilizers manufactured by C³Equalz in collaboration with TKC. These stabs come pre-clipped to sit flush on the PCB. V3 comes with some fantastic improvements over previous iterations, and includes a complimentary SoulMate pad kit for further personalized tuning!

  • Housing Colour – Lavender & Cream.
  • Compatibility – MX stems only.
  • Manufactured By – C³equalz x TKC.

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C³equalz stabilizers are a screw-in, Cherry-style PCB mount stabilizer. After two years of the first iteration of the stabilizers hitting the market, these C³equalz stabilizers have seen markable improvement in numerous aspects: improved tolerance on stems for better fit on MX-stem keycaps, and a better wire manufacturer for higher-quality PVD treatment and razor-straight wires. Included in each kit are a pack of SoulMate stabilizer films full of adhesive bumpers and gaskets to help fine-tune your stabilizers just the way you like.

While the stock stabilizers are quite smooth, it is always recommended to lube your stabilizers in order to reduce potential rattle. Recommended lubricants are 205g0, XHT-BDZ, and SuperLube dielectric grease. Additionally, Upgrade Keyboards Stabilizer Pads are a great addition to build a rattle-free board.

Available in two housing colour variants: lavender and cream. Both sport gold-plated wires.

Stabilizer Kit Includes:

  • x4 2u stabilizer wires
  • x1 6.25u & 7u stabilizer wire
  • x10 stabilizer stems & housing
  • x10 washers
  • Screws

SoulMate Kit includes:

  • Stabilizer housing mat 0.1mm
  • Stabilizer stem landing mat in various thickness:
    • 0.1mm
    • 0.2mm
    • 0.3mm
  • Wire dampening mat
  • Holee Mod mat in two materials:
    • Teflon
    • Poron

Photos taken by the fantastic Karan Chauhan!

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Dimensions 6.5 × 3.6 × 1.5 cm

Lavender, Cream


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