C³Equalz X TKC Banana Split Switches

The first of the Snack Time switch line, the Banana Split linear switches make a strong entrance! Adorable colours, great stock feel and sound, and at a great price.

Switches come bundled in groups of 10.

  • Switch Type – Linear.
  • Material – Nylon/PC Blend housing, POM stem.
  • Manufacturer – JWK.

USD $ 6.50

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Out of stock



From TKC and C³Equalz come their third switch and the first in the Snack Time family line, the Banana Split switches! They are a linear switch and feature a custom polycarbonate and nylon housing with a POM stem, and 62g gold-plated springs. Comparably to the V2 Tangerines, these have a slightly lower pitch to their keypress, and have improved stem wobble as well. These switches in particular take to lube really well, and an even coating of Krytox 205g0 can make quite a noticeable difference in the acoustics. That being said, lubing and filming the Banana Splits are not necessary as they are quite smooth stock, though there are many that prefer to lube all of their switches for a variety of reasons. Like many other JWK and Durock switches, they will benefit from films once opened to reduce housing wobble.

These are some of the higher-rated linear switches for our staff, and are featured in Brownie’s Primus build! These are a fantastic switch for both beginners and long-time enthusiasts alike.

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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 cm


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