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Café Aeyoung Coaster

The Café Aeyoung coaster is perfectly suited to compliment your desktop layout, capable of holding any beverage from a frosty mug of beer to a hot cup of coffee!

  • Designer – Aeyoungie.
  • Product Colour – Lavender.
  • Diameter – 10cm.

USD $ 9.00

In stock

In stock



Worried about glasses leaving ring-shaped stains on your desktop? Don’t have enough room to put a drink down on something other than your expensive deskmat? Apprehensive about using cheap cardboard coasters that wear out quickly? The Café Aeyoung coaster solves all these problems and probably some others!

Made from durable multi-layered acrylic and featuring a removable silicone backing that increases grip, this quality coaster reminds you to “have a nice day!” in print and is emblazoned with a cute coffee cup – the logo of Café Aeyoung’s brand.

The acrylic coaster itself is machine-washable, but we recommend that you hand-wash the silicone backing separately as over-exposure to high heat can warp the material.

Additional information

Weight 0.044 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 0.5 cm

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