Createkeebs Net Runner Keycaps

Brave the demons of the Old NET with Net Runner – a preem new set of caps from Createkeebs and AlohaKB!

  • Material – PBT.
  • Manufacturer – Createkeebs

CAD $16.50$102.00

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Inspired by the iconic style of a certain fair-haired netrunner, Createkeebs Net Runner brings cyberpunk flair and a wistful lunar longing to your favourite interface!

Createkeebs Net Runner‘s caps have a two-tone purplish-blue base with a white numrow, complete with contrasting legends and decorated by chromatically aberrated mods. The base kit includes a wide range of compatibility for TKL or smaller layouts, including ISO, Alice B, stepped Caps Lock, and more. If you’re willing to put up the extra scratch, novelties featuring eye-catching cyberpunk iconography, a numpad kit, spare spacebars, and gradient QWER-column alphas are all available for separate purchase.

Prototype images of the keycap set are available in the gallery. The SHFIT (Shift) legend error was remedied shortly after the prototype was completed. 

Additional information

Weight 0.86 kg
Dimensions 18 × 17 × 7.4 cm

Base, Novelties, Numpad, Colour, Spacebars


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