Deskeys Gasket Switch Films

Rubber gasket switch films provided by Deskeys help to tighten the tolerance of switch housing, reduce stem wobble, and create a thockier sound! Available now in Black and White!

  • Films Included – 120 Films.
  • Compatibility – MX Switches Only.
  • Manufactured By – Deskeys.

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Deskeys Gasket Switch Films are here! From the engineer that brought forth the wonderful topre silencing rings comes their foray into the MX switch accessory market, and they have truly hit a home run with these! At a thickness of 0.3mm, the natural compressive nature of the films allows for it to work with a wide variety of switches and creates a deep, thocky sound that many chase after. Just as other switch films, they help to reduce stem and housing wobble by creating a tight seal once the switch has been enclosed with the films applied to the bottom housing.

These are twice the thickness of the standard TX films we carry, but carry the same level of effectiveness with a bass-ier acoustic effect. Below is a comprehensive list of switches we’ve used these films with and have found success:

  • Gateron Milky Blacks
  • Gateron Milky Yellows
  • Cherry Retooled & Vintage Blacks
  • FEI Matchas
  • NovelKeys Creams
  • All ZealPC switches
  • TKC x C3 switches (V2 Tangerines, Kiwis, and Banana Splits)
  • Holy Pandas (BSUN and first Drop version)
  • U4 Bobas
  • Keebwerk. Tacits

The only switch that we’ve tried it with that didn’t work very well were Gateron V2 Inks, as it was just too tight. This could be due to the plate having a tight tolerance already, so your mileage may vary.

Additional information

Weight .01 kg
Dimensions 14 × 10.1 × 0.1 cm

Black, White

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  1. Xelek (verified owner)

    The description doesn’t include the fact that these come with 16 lil stabilizer pads.

    God-tier switch films.

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