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Emogogo Tactile Switches

Emogogo Tactile Switches aim to provide a fantastic stock switch and tactile feel without the need for any switch modding! Utilizing JWK machines, Emogogo is a new brand featuring proprietary housing moulds and plastic compositions.

Switches come bundled in groups of 10.

  • Switch Type – Tactile.
  • Spring Weight – 62g.
  • Switch Material – Proprietary Nylon blend housing, POM stem.
  • Manufacturer – Emogogo/JWK.

USD $ 6.50

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Out of stock



Emogogo Tactile Switches are one half of JWK’s new switch line featuring proprietary switch moulds and plastic blends exclusive to Emogogo. They feature a medium-high tactile bump thanks to their long-pole tactile stem, as well as 22mm, 62g progressive springs that give a bit of pre-travel before a rounded D-shaped bump and a quick return on the keypress. The proprietary moulds and plastic blends used in the housing result in a need for minimal factory lube to produce a fantastic, smooth stock switch feel.

Photos taken by the amazingly talented Karan Chauhan!



Additional information

Weight 0.016 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 cm


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