ePBT Ping Keycaps (Extras)

ePBT Ping makes a vivid impression with colourful accents, unique novelties, and a truly unprecedented amount of sublegends!

  • Material – Dye-sublimated PBT.
  • Manufacturer – ePBT.

USD $ 11.00$ 109.00

Categories: SKU: AK-EPBT-PING


We recently teamed up with a talented crew of kindergarten students to design the most blindingly colourful set yet.– Plop

ePBT Ping‘s design evokes the minimalist iconography and soft-edged aesthetics of the modern desktop OS with a splash of vibrant colour, and is the latest keycap set from the talented folk down at Plop Labs.

Initially conceived as an homage to everyone’s favourite typeface, Wingdings; ePBT Ping has emerged from its months-long, caffeine-fueled metamorphosis brimming with pop and personality. The base kit features all-custom hotkey sublegends, with multiple sizing options for modifiers and other relevant keys included! Don’t need the alpha hotkeys? Put that sublegend space to use with the highly original Hiragana kit, which includes an extra Tab key to aid in the building of multiple boards!

Other kitting options include the gesture-themed Icons kit, the brilliantly-hued Accent and Spacebar kits, and many more!

Check out the deskmats that are being offered as well! 


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Base, Icons, Numpad, Nomad, ISO, Hiragana, Latin, Mini-Accents, Accents, Spacebars, Midbars, Minibars

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