ePBT Superstar Keycaps (Extras)

Prepare your keyboard for new adventures with ePBT Superstar! Named for a certain notorious monster, this keycap set features delightful pink hues and adorable RPG-themed novelties!

  • Material – Dye-sublimated PBT.
  • Manufacturer – ePBT.

USD $ 22.00$ 110.00



ePBT Superstar takes inspiration from the aesthetics of marshmellohs’ favourite childhood video game monster. As a reference to the game’s South Korean origins, the base kit includes soft pink Hangul sublegends.

The novelties pay homage to traditional RPG classes and the musical superstar monster. The keycap set features extensive kitting and compatibility with popular community layouts. A Latin alpha kit is available for those that prefer no sublegends or to pair with the extensive 40s kit.

Combine the pink, purple, and white to bring a vibrant and adorable design for any colour of board. Add in the novelties to match with your favourite RPG class while you’re grinding and slaying monsters for those sweet experience points!

Check out the deskmat that is being offered as well!

Additional information

Weight N/A
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Base, Latin Alphas, Numpad, Novelties, 40s, Spacebar, Hibi 2.25u Keycap


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