Freebird TKL Keyboard (Extras)

The second keyboard project from KeebsForAll, Freebird TKL offers a quality board at an affordable price with a variety of options!

  • Keyboard Profile – TKL (6° Slope).
  • Mounting Method – Top Mount or Gummy O-Ring.

USD $ 272.38$ 280.00

Categories: SKU: AK-KFA-FBTKL


Following the interest in and success of the FreeBird60 keyboard, and having noticed the dearth of affordable and quality TKL boards in the market, KeebsForAll has decided to expand the Freebird product line with the Freebird TKL!

Like its 60% cousin, the Freebird TKL is an aluminium board available in four E-coated colours, with included Durock V2 stabilizers, and a variety of plate materials to choose from! Furthermore, in response to popular demand, both WK and WKL layouts have been made available for purchase!

Check out the Freebird numpads on offer!

Check out the extra parts on offer for the Freebird TKL!

PLEASE NOTE: The colour of the finished Olive and Navy Freebird TKLs does not exactly match the colour shown in the renders. Please refer to the below photographs when considering your selection.


Typing Test

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Case Colour

Black, White, Navy, Olive




Aluminium, POM, FR4, PC, Case Only


Hot-Swap (ANSI), Case Only

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