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Gazzew Bobagum Linear Switches

Gazzew’s Boba line has been expanded: say hello to the Bobagum switches! Available in three spring weights and two top housing variants, built with high quality materials and tuned to near-perfection from constant feedback, these silent linear switches are just what you need!

Switches come bundled in groups of 10.

  • Switch Type – Silent Linear.
  • Material – Custom Plastic Mix.
  • Manufacturer – Outemu.

USD $ 6.50

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(3 customer reviews)


Gazzew brings another fantastic silent switch to the market, this time it’s a silent linear switch with adorable pink housing and stem! These switches use the same housing mould  as the Bobas so you can expect the same tight housing and stem tolerance, both of which are unrivaled compared to other switches on the market.

The Bobagum Silent Linear switch has a smooth, quiet 4mm travel distance thanks to the housing material and the unique stem rails only seen in the Boba switches (thus far), and the silent press can be compared to the likes of Healios and Silent Alpacas. Gazzew has also gone to the effort of designing a new leaf to not only be linear and tactile friendly, but also to reduce leaf ping. The use of high-quality Korean stainless steel springs helps prevent spring ping as well.

Ashkeebs now offers all of the options for the Bobagums! Spring weights available are 52g, 62g, and 68g at bottom-out, and both a pink-top and clear-top option are available as well! The latter is best for those who have a PCB with SMD LEDs (or per-key RGB) already built in so that they’ll shine right into the switch top.

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Additional information

Weight 0.016 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 cm
Top Housing

Pink Top (LED Slot), Clear Top (No LED Slot)

Spring Weight

52g, 62g, 68g

3 reviews for Gazzew Bobagum Linear Switches

  1. Allan Ibarra (verified owner)

    super silent and I love the feel of the switches i got the 68g spring option i lubed with 205g0. In my opinion they don’t even need the lube if u want a good silent linear switch these are amazing

  2. sammartineau1001 (verified owner)

    These switch are amazing, I got theme along side the Boba U4 tactile silent switches since i usually prefer tactile switches. Also tried the zilent from zeal pc and turned out like I prefer linear switches for silent board. If u want the ultimate silent switches, it can hardly get better than that.

  3. Zain Muhammad (verified owner)

    These are some very reasonably priced switches for the quality and the silence you get. The housing is very nice and tight with minimal stem wobble and the switches have almost no spring ping as a stock switch. I’m a huge fan of smooth linears but obviously, with silent switches, you’ll have a slightly more dampened feel and sound which I do personally enjoy. As for Ashkeebs themselves, shipping was really fast with Xpresspost and I got these switches within 3 business days. Really great purchase experience!

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