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Gazzew U4T Boba Switches

Latest in the Gazzew switch line are the highly-coveted U4T Boba switches! Available in two spring weights, built with high quality materials and tuned to near-perfection from constant feedback, these thocky tactiles shine in any board!

Switches come bundled in groups of 10.

  • Switch Type – Tactile.
  • Material – Custom Plastic Mix.
  • Manufacturer – Outemu.

USD $ 6.50

Out of stock

(6 customer reviews)


Gazzew has wowed the community again with the new U4T tactile switch! We’ve been waiting to carry this switch for a little while now so we’re extremely excited to be able to provide it to the community. Using the same housing and leaf as the U4 Bobas, these switches differ in the colour of the stem and the lack of dampening pads in the stem, resulting in the “Thock” of the U4T.

The U4T Boba switch is a medium tactile switch with a D-bump with no pretravel on the downstroke, a solid bottom-out, and a nice pop on the upstroke. The stroke all the way through is smooth, thanks to the housing and stem material composition, and has a thocky bottom-out that has become very sought after. Gazzew has also gone to the effort of designing a new leaf to not only be linear and tactile friendly, but also to reduce leaf ping. The use of high-quality Korean stainless steel springs helps prevent spring ping as well.

Unlike the U4 Bobas, there are only white-top versions of this switch, but are also available in 62g and 68g spring weights!

Typing Test



Additional information

Weight 0.016 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 cm
Spring Weight

62g, 68g

Switch Top

White Top (LED Slot), Clear Top (No LED Slot)

6 reviews for Gazzew U4T Boba Switches

  1. Hypnotiqiv (verified owner)

    Better than zilents and zealios, and cheaper uwu

  2. tspandroid123 (verified owner)

    The switches are great, but the quality control was horrible for my batch at least. About 25 of my 100 switches had terribly bent or twisted pins

    • Ashkeebs

      Hey there, glad you like the switches! The bent pins are a result of the way they are packaged to us, so unfortunately there’s nothing we’re able to do about it. It is being looked into for future batches, though! I can’t say I’ve ever heard of any pins being twisted, though.

  3. vincent.patalinghug (verified owner)

    These would be the best tactile switches in my opinion, if it weren’t for the issues. Many of my switches were prone to double typing (chatter). I’ve ruled out PCB being an issue — I tried different switches on my keyboard, which got rid of chatter. I tried to switches on another keyboard which resulted in chatter. Super unfortunate.

  4. ali.mizan (verified owner)

    I got these switches a few months ago and I absolutely love them. I don’t even need to lube them: I was opening them up to apply krytox 205g0 to them, and I notice that the difference between lubed and unlubed is… almost none. I can’t tell any difference. I opened up these switches and I notice that there’s oil on my hands after touching the spring. So there’s some extremely light lube applied to prevent spring ping. But that’s it. And that’s all these switches need. And just from that by itself is enough: somehow the plastic stem is smooth enough that there’s no difference in feel when you go and apply krytox to it. And man, THIS is what a “tactile” switch should feel like. You apply a little bit of force to the top of the keycap and it doesn’t move, until at a certain point it sort of collapses down and actuates. These switches are incredibly satisfying to go and type on, and also produces a very deep sound (especially with the akko ASA profile keycaps that I’m using).

  5. Cherin Park (verified owner)

    Great tactile switches! I didn’t even bother lubing them as they already sound/feel great stock.

  6. Ira Branham (verified owner)

    Huge fan of the Boba u4t switches. The ones I ordered from AshKeebs were delivered a week early which was a nice surprise. Upon inspecting the switches, I did notice that about 10% did have bent connector pins. No big deal as I was able to bend them back in place and get them all to work

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