GEON Stabilizer Wire Twisters

Fix your bent stabilizer wires with this rugged pair of twisters from GEONWORKS!

  • Material – Black-coated STS420J2.
  • Size (single) – 104mm long, 8mm diameter.
  • Manufactured By – GEON.

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Out of stock



Tired of stabilizer wires that are slightly (or not-so-slightly) bent? It can happen for a lot of reasons – maybe they had a troubled transit, or maybe someone was too indelicate when uninstalling them – but you can bend them back into shape with a pair of GEON stabilizer wire twisters!

The twisters are made of quality black-coated 420J2-grade stainless steel, and are a precision instrument designed to help straighten 1.6mm stabilizer wires. Just insert each end of the wire into one of the included twisters, and twist until they align!

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Weight 0.018 kg
Dimensions 2.8 × 2.8 × 2 cm


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