GMK Daifuku Keycaps (Extras)

Presenting GMK Daifuku: a sweet, soft palette to match the sweet, soft mochi and red bean-covered strawberry dessert they take inspiration from!

PLEASE NOTE: The final colour of GMK Daifuku turned out much brighter than the kit renders, please refer to the product gallery for photos of the completed keycaps.

  • Material – Doubleshot ABS Plastic.
  • Manufacturer – GMK.

CAD $55.75$185.75

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Presenting GMK Daifuku! Daifuku (大福餅) is a popular traditional Japanese sweet; it is soft mochi stuffed with sweet red bean paste. A popular spring dessert, strawberry mochi (ichigo daifuku) is a soft and chewy mochi stuffed with fresh juicy strawberry and sweet red bean paste. Indulge yourself with this beautiful and delicious set!

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Base, Alphas, Novelties, Numpad

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