GMK Lavender Keycaps (Extras)

GMK Lavender captures the gentle beauty of lavender’s significance in food, drink, and fashion across cultures worldwide.

  • Material – Doubleshot ABS Plastic.
  • Manufacturer – GMK.

CAD $30.00$169.00

Categories: SKU: AK-GMK-LVNDR


Throughout various cultures, lavender is represented in food, drinks, and fashion. GMK Lavender is inspired by these uses throughout the world, as well as the flower’s calming color. I chose a more muted shade of lavender for this set to reflect how this color is used in modern culture and fashion.

The Rabenda kit features katakana [カタカナ] sub legends to pay homage to the lavender fields of Japan’s Hokkaido prefecture and the Japanese language of flowers, hanakotoba [花言葉], which derives from the use of katakana to transcribe words from western cultures.

The Bouquet kit designs are inspired by botanical and popular culture aspects of lavender.” – dotnick

Check out the deskmats that are being offered as well! 

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Lavender, Rabenda, Bouquet, Petals, Sprigs, Trimmings, Roots, Salvun, RAMA Enter, RAMA Tray

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