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GMK Slasher has arrived on the eve of Friday the 13th… From Dalesnail, Dalco 959 Mini co-designer, comes GMK Slasher – inspired by slasher movies that were heavily popularized in the 1980s.

  • Group Buy Duration – August 13 – September 13, 2021.
  • Estimated Shipping Date – Q3 2022.
  • Material – Doubleshot ABS Plastic.
  • Manufacturer – GMK.
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There’s nothing to be afraid of…

While horror movies have changed a bit since the 80s it’s still fun to watch the classic slashers and remember how they used to keep you up at night. Machetes and masks made a common appearance and as such have left a their mark on the genre. GMK Slasher’s splatter of red catches in the moonlight in the depths of the night. On a deep, dark, two-tone grey backdrop this high contrast set will make you scream.

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Group Buy Information

As this is a Group Buy there are no refunds available once the GB has closed. Please make sure you consider this before joining. This a pre-order for this keyset. This set will be manufactured after the GB period. If you join this GB, you’ll receive the set after production is completed in approximately 12 months. Please do not add in-stock items, or items from other group buys to this order. All in-stock items added to orders will be cancelled from that order and refunded.

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