GMK Universe Keycaps (Extras)

Reach out into the infinite expanse of GMK Universe, a macrocosmic creation by Zetina!

  • Material – Doubleshot ABS Plastic.
  • Manufacturer – GMK.

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GMK Universe is inspired by the almost-dreamlike phenomena that have already been found throughout the reaches of known space, and the promises of future discovery! The set goes for a more understated aesthetic, with spacey gray alphas, dark teal modifiers, white legends, and optional yellow accents!

The base kit of GMK Universe includes support for most popular layouts, and includes both scooped and barred homing keys, Alice B, and a selection of alternate modifiers! The novelties kit sports a variety of interstellar iconography, such as constellations, black holes, spiral galaxies, comets, and a space telescope! Finally, due to popular demand, the NorDeUK kit has been updated to also feature a Ñ key, ensuring that an even greater variety of international layouts will be supported!

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Base Kit, Novelties, Numpad, Spacebars, ÑorDeUK, HIBI Artisan 1u


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