KAM Command Keycaps (Extras)

“BY YOUR COMMAND” – KAM Command is online and available for a limited time, so don’t miss out on this amazing deal!

  • Material – Dye-sublimated PBT Plastic.
  • Manufacturer – Keyreative.

USD $ 57.25
$ 45.80

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Our alien robot overlords are here, and you too can join their squadron of nuclear-powered spacecraft by purchasing this set of controls keycaps.

KAM Command is an homage to the sci-fi books, TV shows and movies we all grew up with. It takes inspiration from a bunch of them, and adds its own little twists. Every single legend is custom designed, including the made-up alien-overlord language. The name “Command” comes from “By your command!”, the Cylon battle cry from Battlestar Galactica. KAM Command is a truly unique design and is a wonderful presentation of maxvoltar’s talents and ingenuity.

There is an enormous offering of kits as maxvoltar has taken great advantage of Keyreative’s fulfillment system, with a multitude of supported layouts, and language kits for those that would prefer to either have their native language keycaps, or those that enjoy the aesthetic it brings.

The first collaboration with Protozoa Studio are two artisan keycaps: milled from aluminum and bead blasted for a matter finish. The vents are filled with resin as dark as outer space. Produced by Protozoa, these come in a 1u (escape key) and 2.25u (return key) version. The shape is custom but matches the profile of KAM keycaps. The second: KNØB – Command Edition. Aluminum milled knob for your knob needs. Engraved and resin filled top with Command symbols. Two piece design with hotswap screwless exterior. Includes both red and black outer grip o-rings. Produced by Protozoa.

The cherry on top is the sleek COMMAND TKL designed by Protozoa Studio, based off of the FROST TKL released earlier this year. More details can be found on the page link below!

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