COMMAND TKL Keyboard (Extras)

“BY YOUR COMMAND” Beef up your battle station with the COMMAND TKL, a special edition keyboard based on Protozoa’s ‘FROST’ TKL released earlier this year.

  • Keyboard Size – Tenkeyless (TKL).
  • Colours – Dark & Fire.

USD $ 30.00$ 260.00

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Our alien robot overlords are here, and you too can join their squadron of nuclear-powered spacecraft by purchasing this set of controls keycaps.

KAM Command is an homage to the sci-fi books, TV shows and movies we all grew up with. It takes inspiration from a bunch of them, and adds its own little twists. Every single legend is custom designed, including the made-up alien-overlord language. The name “Command” comes from “By your command!”, the Cylon battle cry from Battlestar Galactica. KAM Command is a truly unique design and is a wonderful presentation of maxvoltar’s talents and ingenuity.

The An all CNC stacked plastic case with CNC milled polycarbonate bottom. Silicone sandwich mount, custom silicone pad foot. All built to house a beautiful silkscreened PROTOZOA x MVKB PCB, peeking through the top window. PCB included. Fits’s Mysterium PCBs, or other Protozoa Mysterium based PCBs.


Canada: You are here!
USA: Protozoa Studio
EU: Candykeys
Protozoa Studio
AU: DailyClack
SEA: Hex Keyboards

JPNo: Basekeys

Additional information

Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 47.5 × 27 × 8 cm

COMMAND TKL – Dark, COMMAND TKL – Fire, P.01 ULTRA PCB – Command Edition, PC Plate – Universal

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