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KAT Napoleonic Keycaps (Extras)

KAT Napoleonic gives an incredible look into the namesake’s 16-year campaign, with many of the nations’ uniform colours represented and a typeface paying homage to the Transitional and Neoclassical typefaces prevalent in the era.

  • Material – PBT.
  • Manufacturer – Keyreative.

CAD $35.00$108.00

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From bringing positive reform post coup d’etat at the very end of the 18th century and being crowned Emperor, to a bloody military campaign that ended in exile, KAT Napoleonic sets out to explore the historic and artistic depictions of the Napoleonic Era.

NoPunIn10Did has done an incredible amount of work to bring KAT Napoleonic to life. Using a serif-based typeface inspired by Transitional and Neoclassical typefaces of the 19th century, as well as a combination of the uniform colours seen from the three empires that waged war against each other, the result is an authentic and classy looking-glass into a time well before ours.

Using Keyreative’s flexibility with the KAT profile, KAT Napoleonic not only offers a total of 40 kits (yes, you read that right), but 21 alpha kits! This was done in order to provide language support to a large part of the community, with some rarely seen in the keyboard community: Swiss, BÉPO, South Slavic, Tamil, Cherokee, and Canadian French.

Check out the deskmats that are being offered as well! 

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Kit Types

Alphas, TKL Modifiers, Numpad, Ortho Mods, Ergo Mods, Forties, Misc.

Kit Options

Default US English – Jefferson, Belgian & Apple French – Marie Louise, BÉPO – Bépoleon Nonaparte, Canadian French – Chateauguay, Cherokee – Sequoyah, Colemak – Jonathan Strange, Dvorak – Mr. Norrell, EurKEY – Blücher, French for Windows – Joséphine, German – Metternich, Hungarian & South Slavic – Doppelkaiser, Japanese – Nagasaki, Nordic – Bernadotte, Polish & Lithuanian – Uhlan, Russian – Alexander, South Slavic Cyrillic – Karađorđe, Spanish – Agustina, Swiss – Act of Mediation, Tamil – Pondicherry, UK English & Irish – Wellington, US Int'l & Netherlands – Waterloo, French Indigo, Russian Green, Austrian White, British Navy, Spacebars, Novelties, Mac, Blank Ergo/Ortho, Madness


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