KAT Slurp Keycaps (Extras)

“KAT Slurp is a set inspired by Futurama, and the best-selling drink of the universe: Slurm. This highly addictive set represents the luminescent soda encased in a dark blue can with the brand name “Slurm” written in bright pink.” – twoshoes

  • Material – PBT.
  • Manufacturer – Keyreative.

CAD $37.00$110.00

Categories: SKU: AK-KAT-SLURP


In the distant future only a single sliver of hope is left for your board, and it’s KAT Slurp! This radical design brings together the vibrancy of neon-green novelties, radiant blue alphas with pink legends, and a remarkable crafted alien language all in one set. Even in the 31st century, this keycap set will make you want to leave your cryogenically frozen state and simply shout out the words “Shut up and take my money!

PSA: KAT Slurp – it’s highly addictive!

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Forties, Latin Alphas, Aliense Alphas, Latin Alienese Alphas, Icon mods, Text + Icon mods, Ortho, Ergo Blanks, Ergo, Numpad, Novelties, Bars, Neon Bars, Pink Bars, Colevrak, French, NorDeUK, South, You Win! THOK Metal Keycap


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