Monstargear PBT Tuna Keycaps (CLEARANCE)

Want some tuna? Coming to us from Monstargear, Tuna PBT is an in-stock keycap set that provides great value and “prmium” quality!

PBT Tuna has been reduced for clearance, enjoy a permanent 20% discount on these keycaps!

  • Material – Doubleshot PBT.

$85.00 $30.60

In stock

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In stock

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Designed with the colour of the eponymous and delicious fish in mind, PBT Tuna features pale blue and deep navy keycaps with filet-pink accents made of 2mm-thick doubleshot PBT, ensuring high durability and protection against wear.

PBT Tuna‘s kit is value-oriented, providing the necessary keycaps required to fill out most common layouts from 60% to 108, such as Ergo, 75%, TKL and more!


Canada: You are here!
US: Prevail Key Co.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 17 × 5 cm

1 review for Monstargear PBT Tuna Keycaps (CLEARANCE)

  1. Paul Ballesteros (verified owner)

    Colour scheme/theme is great.

    Unfortunately, it’s not as good quality as PBTfans and NK PBT keycap sets.

    The legends are not crisp but instead are wonky and thin. Caps aren’t as thick as my NK PBT Taro/Sand/Charcoal sets. If that was all I would have given this set a 3 instead but unfortunately, that is not the case. Another problem i have is that both the Navy and Pink 6.25 spacebars that came with the set are warped.

    I have better luck with my Botanical clones bought from Amazon. The legends are better and feels more premium for some reason. And, only 1 of the 2 spacebars that came with it is a little bit warped.

    If this keycap set were $20-$30 cheaper, then I wouldn’t mind how the sets are. I was expecting more since it’s from Monstargear but it was a HUGE let down.

    As much as the keycaps look great from the photo, I wouldn’t recommend it and just look somewhere else.

    As I mentioned above, PBTfans and NK PBT sets are great in-stock and cheaper alternatives than GMK and other sets out there. Check those out instead.

    I hope this review was able to help you decide about getting these set.

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