Nazaré 1-60 Keyboard Wave 1 Parts (Extras)

Ashkeebs is proud to introduce Nazaré 1-60, the maiden keyboard from Nazaré Engineering! This 60% keyboard has been designed from the ground up to offer premium quality in every aspect of its design, and as such will only be available in limited quantities. Group Buy is limited to 40 units.

  • Keyboard Profile – 60% (6.9° Slope).
  • Mounting Method – Rail-Ring.

USD $ 49.00$ 72.00

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The first wave of Nazaré 1-60 has finally arrived! Designed by Invezting, longtime community member and founder of Nazaré Engineering, the Nazaré 1-60 has been meticulously crafted to offer a unique look, sound, and feel.

Nazaré 1-60‘s case is made of machined aluminium and features a symmetrical bezel designed to compliment its low front height and provide a clean top-view, as well as a distinctive aluminium blocker badge adorning its bottom right corner. The case bottom bears a novel design; with copper and brass weights representing the sun and moon respectively, and an ocean blue polycarbonate insert betwixt that evokes the waves their immense gravity make on Earth. Nazaré 1-60 also features a custom “rail-ring” mounting system that uses eight gummy O-rings to completely isolate the plate from the case, fitting snugly into the case’s machined grooves (or “rails”) while preserving the keyboard’s sleek form factor.

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Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 38 × 12 × 1.5 cm

PCB, Aluminium Plate, Carbon Fibre Plate

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