Owlab LiNK65 Keyboard Parts (Extras)

LiNK65 is the latest project from Owlab, and features multiple innovations including a screwless build, an Ultraflex Slip PCB, spring mounting, new plate foam materials, and more!

  • Keyboard Size – 65% (8° Slope).
  • Mounting Method – Top Mount.

USD $ 78.00

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LiNK65 is a 65% board packed with innovation and creative design, representing a push forward as well as a return to Owlab’s roots. Spurred by the laborious repetition of assembly and dismantling countless prototypes, Owlab was made to ask a simple question:

“How can we simplify the build process?”

The answer comes in the LiNK65’s elegant screwless case design, inspired by the mortise and tenon joint structure that has been used in the construction of wooden structures for over 7000 years. The top case is made from anodized or electrophoresed aluminum and finished using an anti-fingerprint technique, whereas the bottom is made from sandblasted and PVD-coated stainless steel, enhancing the sound profile of the board by reducing resonance with its high material density. The bottom case also includes a PVD-coated trunk that serves as the lynchpin to the board, providing an eye-catching glossy component to the bottom’s facade while keeping the pieces snugly in place, but ready to disassemble at a moment’s notice. Both the top and bottom case are available in a variety of colours, with a total of 60 combinations!

Internally, the LiNK65 utilizes a mounting system inherited from Owlab’s Spring board and tweaked with a number of improvements – some notable examples are a reduction in the size of the leaf spring chamber to reduce echo and obviate the need for plate foam, and the addition of the ability to install rings and nibs directly to the plate, further easing assembly. Although improvements have been made to create a distinct sound profile without the need for foam, Owlab’s signature three-piece foam kit is nonetheless included, and features a new plate foam piece that seals the chamber between the plate and PCB, owing to an improved Poron blend with a higher foaming ratio. Due to the simplicity and ease of assembly, we encourage you to try multiple different foam configurations to find what works best for you!

As is typical for Owlab’s projects, plates are available in a total of four materials (Aluminum, FR4, Polycarb, and POM). In keeping with the theme of simple assembly, the vertical beams have been removed from the space on the plate reserved for larger modifier keys, opening up access to the stabilizers, and allowing them to be adjusted or even removed more easily. Finally, both solderable and hotswappable PCBs are available for purchase, and both feature a brand-new collapsible “slip” design inspired by bamboo slips, a popular form of stationary from the era before the invention of paper.

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PCB Layouts



Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 37 × 14.5 × 1.5 cm

Plate (Alu), Plate (FR4), Plate (PC), Plate (POM), PCB (Solder), PCB (Hotswap)

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