QwertyKeys QK80 Keyboard (Extras)

The QK80 is finally here – the fourth and latest entry in QwertyKeys’ family of elegant and easy-to-assemble mechanical keyboards!

  • Keyboard Size – 80% (7.5° Angle).
  • Mounting Method – PCB-Mount.

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Developed in association with Swagkeys, the Qwertykeys QK80 is a welcome addition to the QK family! Following the same design principles as the rest of its kin, the QK80 has a simple but appealing design, featuring an all-CNC Aluminum case, a bouncy PCB-mount structure, an abundance of colour combinations across its ten cases and twelve weights, and a few new surprises!

The QK80‘s layout is a slight deviation from that of a standard 80%, with an F13 key and a Tsangan bottom row to give it a symmetrical appearance from the front and your choice of WK or WKL top case. The usual spread of cases and weights are available, and are joined by the new “Ice Crystal” weight, whose sparkly surface is remarkably resistant to fingerprints! A rectangular steel badge adorns the board’s underside – placed in the middle of the external weight and secured via magnet, making it particularly easy to swap out – and is available in either polished plain, or one of three laser-engraved patterns!

Internally, the QK80 uses a PCB-mount structure with two sets of gaskets included, allowing you to customize the hardness of the mounts and create your desired typing feel. Available PCBs include wired and tri-mode hotswap PCBs in a variety of configurations, with a wired solderable PCB also available for enthusiasts seeking to do a plateless build. Additionally, wired hotswap PCBs include per-key RGB lighting and are easily configurable with QMK/VIA software. Plates of the usual materials – Alu, FR4, PC, and POM – are available, and each material features different flex cuts to provide a softer typing experience.


Additional information

Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 41 × 25 × 12 cm

WK Black, WK Lavender, WK Green, WK Navy, WK Milky White, WKL Brown


Sandblasted Dusk, Sandblasted Chroma, Sandblasted Golden, Sandblasted Black, Polished Golden, Silver Ice Crystal, Black Ice Crystal


Circuit, Paisley, Cogwheel, Plain


Wired Hotswap (ANSI, non-flex), Tri-mode Hotswap (ANSI, flex), Tri-mode Hotswap (ISO, flex)


Aluminum, FR4, POM

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