Sol Deskmats (Extras)

Sol deskmats provide a stellar backdrop that complements your favourite mechanical input interface!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a production error, the intial run of Gravity deskmats came out with a dark desaturated green hue instead of the promised grey. These misprinted deskmats have been listed as B-stock and are priced accordingly, please keep this in mind when making your selection.

  • Thickness – 4mm.
  • Size – 900mm x 400mm.

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I for one, simply just like anything related to space. Space is cool.– bobasweatandtears

Introducing the Sol series of deskmats, courtesy of designer bobasweatandtears. Inspired by classical depictions of the solar system and the coolness of space, the intricately-designed mandala pattern features our Sun, moon, the eight-and-a-half planets, and a number of constellations!

Pick from nine beautiful colours, themed after both famous astronomers and a variety of cosmic concepts, and adorn your desk with the infinite majesty of the heavens!


Canada: You are here!
USA: Space Cables
EU: Salvun
CN: zFrontier
IN: StacksKB

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 40 × 8 × 8 cm

Umbra – Dark, Radiance – Light, Copernicus – Gold Light, Hypatia – Rose Gold, Newton – Navy, Celestial – Lavender, Solarized – Turquoise, Hydrogen – Blue, Gravity – Gray (A-stock), Gravity – Gray (B-stock)

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