TTC Bluish White Switches

Looking for a lighter tactile switch with a great keystroke, unique acoustic, and at an affordable price? Ashkeebs has you covered!

Switches come bundled in groups of 10.

  • Switch Type – Tactile.
  • Manufacturer – TTC.

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TTC Bluish White switches are a real sleeper hit of a tactile switch! The name of the switches isn’t particularly creative, yet the specifications are where it really shines. The first notable feature is the dust-proof stem, as seen on Kangaroo Inks and Gateron Yellow Inks, which simply aims to reduce the chance of dust falling into the switch itself and affecting performance. The other two most notable features are the double-coiled spring and the muted bottom-out.

The double-coiled spring results in an extremely satisfying press and return combined with the light spring weight (42g actuation), the top-out being described as “punchy”. There’s also a small silicone plug at the bottom of the center tube of the bottom housing which allows for the bottom-out to be muted as the stem pole makes impact, but the top-out is louder by comparison as a result.

The switch shines whether it’s stock or lubed, and if you’re really interested in trying to create a new silent switch, try lubing the top housing and see how it turns out!

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