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TX Switch Slider Picker

US $7.49

High-quality switch stem holder that locks perfectly around the top of the stem to allow for easy lube application! Just press the button at the top like a pen, line it up with the stem, and release!

Compatible with MX switch stems only.

123 in stock

123 in stock


TX Switch Slider Picker – what is it?

The TX Switch Slider Picker has been kindly provided by TX Keyboards, a Korean-based company that provides high-quality switch accessories at an affordable price. The slider picker (or stem holder, depending on who you speak to), is an excellent tool to add to your switch lubing repertoire. It holds the stem in place tightly with a nice hexagonal body to allow for easy rotation and easy lube application. The grip is exceptionally solid so even if you bump the stem or drop the picker, the stem will stay in!

To use the slider picker, simply press the button at the top of the tool, align it to the MX stem, and release! When you have finished lubing the stem and find the picker won’t release it right away, as you’re pressing on the button turn the tool a little to one side and it’ll drop back in perfectly.

Weight .018 kg
Dimensions 0.7 × 0.7 × 15 cm


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