Upgrade Keyboards Stabilizer Pads

Upgrade Keyboards’ Stabilizer Pads are a high-quality replacement for band-aid modding that prevent bottom-out noise and PCB damage! Simply pull off the sheet, place on the PCB, and you’re done.

Each sheet includes 100 pads. The mixed option has 30 pads each.

  • Pads included – 100 per sheet/30 per sheet in Mixed.
  • Compatibility – PCB- and plate-mount stabilizers.
  • Manufacturer – Upgrade Keyboards.

CAD $18.99

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Have you ever been bandaid modding and thought “this is pretty tedious”? We’ve got you covered! Thanks to the folks at Upgrade Keyboards, we’ve been provided with stabilizer pads that serve as a high-quality replacement for band-aid modding. With a custom mix of silicone and rubber for the pad, the stab pad has been developed to prevent bottom-out noise from stabilizers on the PCB as well as potential damage. Due to the materials used for the pads, they also provide a deep, muted tone in comparison to the loud clack sans-pad. 3M adhesive on the underside of the pad will prevent slippage as well!

Two variants are available for the pads:

  • 0.2mm: best for clip-in PCB mount and those that want a harder bottom-out feeling
  • 0.5mm: best for all other stabilizers, as some of the clip-in PCB mount stabilizers don’t anchor into the PCB strongly enough for the thicker pad

Each variant has its own attractive points to them: the 0.2mm will have a slightly lower tone than band-aids, and the 0.5mm are approximately 300% quieter (as per Upgrade Keyboards), with a considerably lower tone. Both pads will spring back slightly as to not result in a mushy feeling. They are also compatible with PCB- and plate-mount stabilizers, cut perfectly to size for both. Just make sure that if you previously had band-aids or stabilizers mounted on the PCB to clean off any potential lubricant, as this will cause the stab pad to slide.

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Additional information

Weight 0.016 kg
Dimensions 18 × 25 × 5 cm

0.2mm (100 pads), 0.5mm (100 pads), Mixed (30 of each)


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