White Marble Wrist Rest

Looking to upgrade your keyboard wrist rest game? This gorgeous marble wrist rest is classy and will look good with any keyboard out there.

  • Colour  – White Marble.
  • Manufacturer – MarbleK.
  • Sizes Available – 65% and TKL.

CAD $85.00$89.00

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These unique Marble Wrist Rests are a great way to bring a classy look to any desk setup out there. This piece of white marble wrist rest is manufactured by a local artisan in Hualien, Taiwan, a city famous for its marble industry. In addition, this beautiful white marble is also extracted locally in Taiwan. Since these are unique, they will not be an exact match as the images displayed.


The Marble Wrist rests are offered in four sizes! 60%, 65%, 65% Exploded, and TKL.

  • 65%: 31.5cm long x 8cm large x 1.7cm thick // 12.4 x 3.15 x 0.63 inches.
  • TKL: 36cm long x 8cm large x 1.7cm thick // 14.2 x 3.15 x 0.63 inches.


How to take care of the marble?

Each manufactured piece will have a unique look and will not be the same as the one on the photos above.

Marble is a material sensitive to acid corrosion. This piece of marble has been coated to improve the resistance to such damages, however, please, do not spread acid liquids or products on it such as fruit juices, food, detergents.

Does the marble feel cold?

The marble has a thermal conductivity higher than wood but lower than metal. Therefore, if there is a big difference between your body temperature and the ambient temperature, the marble will cool down your wrist.

In conclusion, except if the ambient temperature is freezing cold, you will only have a pleasant cooling feeling, similar to a glass table or kitchen countertop.

Does the marble wrist rest feel hard or uncomfortable?

The first purpose of a wrist rest is to elevate your wrists to the level of the keyboard.

For instance, as most mechanical keyboards are high (2 cm), if you keep typing a long time without wrist rest, your wrists will feel tired or even painful at the end of the day. Therefore, this wrist rest perfectly serves this purpose, however, it will not provide any cushioning. The cushioning will be the same as a wood or glass table.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 8 × 1.5 cm

60%, 65%, 65% Exploded, TKL


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