wilba.tech SALVATION (Extras)

The SALVATION is a 60% leaf spring mount board with a tray case design. Designed by wilba.tech and machined by Salvun.

PLEASE NOTE: B-stock units may have a range of minor cosmetic issues such as denting, light anodization smearing, or spotting. Any units with interior blemishes are not considered to be B-stock, as the defects will not be visible when the board is built. Please refer to the section below or the product gallery for sample photos of the B-stock boards, and keep this in mind when making your selection. Please also note that B-stock units cannot be returned because of aesthetic blemishes.

  • Keyboard Size – 60%.
  • Mounting Method – Leaf Spring.

USD $ 300.00$ 330.00

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The SALVATION combines the soft and vibrant typing experience of an innovative leaf spring mounting system with a 60% tray case design.

The PCB is supported by silicon rubber standoffs attached to FR4 (fiberglass) leaf springs mounted to the case. Foam pads underneath the leaf springs provide vibration dampening and force modulation.

The leaf springs provide exceptional flexibility, allowing the entire plate/PCB subassembly to yield under keystrokes and vibrate in isolation from the case. The result is a typing experience that is soft and vibrant across the whole keyboard.

B-stock Sample Photos

Please refer to the product gallery to view these photos in their full resolution, as well as other sample photos of the B-stock units.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 30.4 × 11.5 × 8.5 cm

Business Grey (A-stock), Soul Black (A-stock), Samurai Blue (A-stock), Momentum Red (A-stock), Lightning Silver (A-stock), Business Grey (B-stock), Soul Black (B-stock), Samurai Blue (B-stock), Momentum Red (B-stock), Lightning Silver (B-stock), Extras


Solderable PCB/ANSI Plate, Hotswap PCB/ANSI Plate, Extra Solderable PCB (ANSI/ISO), Extra Hotswap PCB (ANSI), Extra Plate (ANSI), Extra Plate (ISO)

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