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WIND X98 Keyboard Parts (Extras)

WIND X98 is a fresh and flexible new keyboard from WIND Studio based on the excellent WIND X, featuring a modified 1800 layout and a plethora of options to customize your typing experience!

PLEASE NOTE: The material properties of brass interfere with Bluetooth connectivity, as such we do not recommend combining a brass plate with a Bluetooth PCB. Please keep this in mind when making your selection.

  • Keyboard Size – Modified 1800 (7° Angle).
  • Mounting Method – Gasket/Top Mount.

USD $ 5.00$ 77.00

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Brought to you by Wind Studio, WIND X98 is an aluminum gasket-mounted keyboard with a modified 1800 layout, based on the WIND X (65% + Numpad) with added function keys. Following the minimalist style of the WIND X, the board features a slender brass weight on the back and a brass accent above the arrow keys on top, as well as a multicoloured PVD ‘X’ logo on the front between the Escape key and the F-row to catch the eye.

WIND X98 has a number of extras available for separate purchase, including extra PCBs, plates, weights, accent pieces, foam kits, and much more!

Don’t forget to pick up a WIND X98 on the main page!

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

PCB – Solderable, PCB – Hotswap, PCB – Hotswap BLE (Bluetooth), Plate – Aluminum, Plate – Carbon Fibre, Plate – FR4, Plate – Polycarb, Plate – Brass, Weight – Brass, Brass Front Accent, PVD 'X' Logo Accent, USB-C Daughterboard, Foam Kit (5pc.), Accessories Kit, Gateron CJ Switch Pack (105pc.), Gateron Black Ink Switch Pack (105pc.), Gateron Azure Dragon Switch Pack (105pc.), Gateron Ink V2 Stabilizer Kit

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