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Zaku II Tactile Switches (Pre-Order)

The One Year War has begun in full swing with the drop of the Zaku II tactile switches! Boasting paralleled smoothness with their linear counterpart, the Zaku II switch is sure to become a frontline tactile switch in anyone’s switch armada!

Switches come bundled in groups of 10.

This is a limited pre-order. If our total allocated quantity has been reached before the end of the pre-order period, the pre-order will be closed.

  • Estimated Shipping Date – April/May 2023.
  • Switch Type – Tactile.
  • Spring Weight – 63.5g.
  • Switch Material – Nylon bottom, PC top, POM stem.
  • Manufacturer – Tecsee.

USD $ 5.50

Out of stock

Out of stock



Beloved by the community, the Zaku linear switch has come to be one of the most sought after linear switches on the market today. To expand upon that line-up, Bolsa Supply has brought in the Zaku II tactile switch to fill in the void. The Zaku II colourway follows the more widely recognized, and appropriately named, Zaku II gunpla.

The switches boast medium tactility with a sharp, P-shaped tactile bump at the top of the keypress. The material components match the Zaku linear switch directly, with a longpole POM stem, PC top housing, and Nylon bottom housing with a 63.5g double-extension spring.


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Pre-Order Disclaimer

This is a pre-order for Zaku II Tactile Switches. The estimated shipping date for this product is April/May 2023. As this is an estimate, elements outside of our control may increase or decrease the estimation. By joining this pre-order, you acknowledge this timeframe may change. This item can be ordered with other in-stock product, but cannot be combined with ongoing group buy product. Any orders containing pre-order and group buy items will result in the order being cancelled and refunded subject to cancellation fees.

Additional information

Weight 0.016 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 cm


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