Cute meets classy in SA Fledgling, a keycap set inspired by cheap red hair dye, washed-out Sacramento sunshine, and elaborate coming-of-age metaphors. In the vintage sculpted SA profile, this set evokes nostalgia without sacrificing a sense of playfulness.


The two primary goals in creating the kits for SA Fledgling were compatibility and affordability. With that in mind, the kits accommodate users of 40% keyboards and/or ortho layouts without additional cost to those who prefer more conventional layouts. To keep the 60%-TKL modifier kit reasonably priced, special compatibility cases and accent arrows were moved into a separate extension kit. Furthermore, the separate numbers kit, spacebar kit, ISO UK kit, and novelties kit offer users a modular kitting experience where everyone can buy what meets their individual needs.





Check out the official list of Vendors below.

Canada: Buy Now

SEA: iLumkb

IMD : StacksKB

Keycap Details

Manufactured by Signature Plastics

Profile: SA Sculpt

Sculpt: 1 1 2 3 4 3

All Keycaps: Doubleshot ABS Plastic