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Looking to get your switches lubed?

Switch Lubing Services

Switch lubing can be a tedious and time consuming task and has the possibility of ruining a switch if not done right. Let us do it for you.

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We meticulously lube switches to give you all the clack for your end game! We are proud of our consistent switch lubing service and quality. We work hard so you don’t have to, to ensure each key press is pure satisfaction. ⌨

Services We Offer

Quality Guaranteed

Switch Lubing

The keystone of Ashkeebs is creating the smoothest switches you desire.

Leg Clipping

PCB-Mount legs will be clipped per customer request.

Spring Swapping

Send your springs or purchase them from our store. We’ll swap them.

Film Placement

Careful placement of films ensure switches stay tight & reduce stem wobble.
(Provided by the customer or purchased from our store)

Fill Out The Request Form



Fill out the switch lube request form at the bottom of this page with all your requests. Please be as specific as possible; we pride ourselves in a job well done.

Ship the Switches



Once the lube request is confirmed, ship the desired number of switches and springs/films (if applicable) out to us.

Dont Just Take Our WOrd For it

“I love my V2 Zealios that he lubed! I decided on 205g0, but they’re still really tactile, and so smooth. Since he lives near to Zeal the shipping was super fast to him, and within a few hours he had finished the job and was prepped to ship them back.”

Oyayi, Keyboard Enthusiast

Shipped to Your Home



We’ll keep you updated on our progress and once complete, we’ll ship them out to you so you can get building.


Choice of Lube

$3/ 100 Switches
  • Krytox 205g0/105g0, Tribosys 3203/3204.
  • * Non-stocked lube purchased at customer’s expense.

Switch Lubing

$070/ Switch
  • Approx. 1-3 day turnaround time per 100 switches lubed.
  • Every switch is tested before shipping out.

Switch Films

$010/ Switch
  • Keeps switches secure and wobble-free.
  • * Provided by customer or purchased on our store.

Stabilizer Service

150/ Stabilizer Unit
  • Lubing and clipping of stabilizers to help reduce rattle.
  • Price includes usage of lube and clipping (if applicable).

Switch Lube Request Form

Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly!

Follow-up will occur within 24 hours

Send us a request

    First Name *
    Last Name *
    Email Address*
    Discord Username
    Full Address *
    Shipping *
    Number of Switches? *
    Switches to be lubed? *
    Ashkeeb's Lube Used? *
    Yes ($3/100 switches)No
    Spring Swapping *
    Switch Film ($0.10/switch) *
    Legs Clipped *

    Additional Requests/Comments *

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