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TKC x C3 Kiwis – Review

Feel finger fatigue from high-tactility switches? Have no fear, Kiwis are here!

The Fruit switch line has been doing nothing but knocking balls out of the park! The second entry into the series, the Kiwi switch, does not disappoint at all. With some excellent high-tactility switches available on the market, it was high time to have more low and medium tactility variants available as well, and the Kiwi switch fits in perfectly here. At 67g stock spring weight (measured at bottom-out), the stock press has a prominent “p-bump”, with the tactile bump towards the top with a more linear press afterwards. It isn’t intense nor too light; just right really! Kiwis have the same chemical composition in the housing and stem as the V2 Tangerines, so the stock smoothness with light factory oil lubing is a fine choice for beginners into the hobby, and as the factory lube isn’t over done, it’s very easy to clean and re-do.

After testing various lubricants (3204, 205g0, as well as a couple custom mixes of 205g0 with GPL 105 and 106), the best feeling and sound came with 205g0 applied to the housing and stem leaving the stem legs bare. I opted to use black TX Films at 0.15mm thickness, though if I had Deskeys’ gasket films on hand I would have liked to have seen how the feel and sound changed as gasket films tend to increase the “thocciness”.

Working through what springs I have on-hand (55g up to 70g in 5g increments), the bump does not change very dramatically. At the lower end, the p-bump starts and ends faster, but is rather subtle in comparison to, say, going from a 62g V2 Zealios to a 72g V2 Zealios. Dramatically higher and lower spring weights would be fun to play around with. When I have my hands on some 50g and 75-80g springs I will update this and post my results!

medium tactile bump

Smooth stock switch

Nice medium b-bump, fatigue much less likely

Tactile bump is preserved nicely with a variety of different spring weights

Takes well to TriboSys 3203, 3204, and Krytox 205g0 lubricants

Low stock stem wobble, only very slight north/south wobble when filmed


Highest cost on a single switch available from a vendor


  • : If you’re able to get your hands on Kiwis during the group buys, I couldn’t recommend them more! At their price and feel they are hard to beat in the tactile field. Perhaps a silent variant would be able to take the crown of silent tactiles!

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