December 11, 2020

Major updates for December 11, 2020

December 11, 2020

Product Updates

Gateron Switches

Gateron Switches are going to be incoming and on our storefront! We will be regularly stocking the switches, so keep an eye out for when they drop! For now we’ll be stocking Milky-top Gateron Blacks, and full-milky Gateron yellows. Should the demand for more variety be wanted, we will bring in more switches as requested.

Gazzew Silent Linears

Gazzew Silent Linears are incoming soon! As of yet, Gazzew has not given them an official name, so we will be referring to them as his silent linears until we are blessed with another adorable name. For some information these switches will be: in spring weights of 55g, 62g, and 68g, pink stems and housing with the top housing having a transparent and opaque option (same as what was offered for the U4 Bobas). We will provide an update on Discord with an ETA.

C3 Stabilizers

C3 Stabilizers are also on their way! ETA is approx. 2 weeks. Here are the colors of stabs and wires we will have: Cream, Lavender, and Navy stabs with black and rose gold wires. Stabs and wire kits can be mixed and matched. We will be looking to carry more (hopefully all) of the variations in the near future.

Deskeys Gasket Films

Deskeys Gasket films have been resupplied, with twice the quantity! Before the next resupply we will also look to carrying the white gasket films.

Upcoming Projects

GMK Fundamentals [] – Group Buy completed. Awaiting queue for production.

DSA Magic Girl R2 [] – Group Buy completed. Awaiting queue for production.

Infinikey Morse [] – Group Buy completed. Awaiting queue for production.

Infinikey Port – Manufacturing is being finalized, and soon after all kits will be sent to vendors. Final versions have been sent to me, and photos have been uploaded to Discord. SwitchKeys will be uploading photos in various lighting and environments as well.

Infinikey Blacklight – Group Buy completed. Awaiting queue for production..

KAT Napoleonic [] – Group Buy completed. Awaiting queue for production.

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