November 19, 2020

Major updates for November 19, 2020

November 19, 2020

General Updates

Staffing Changes

Apologies for the lack of updates on our website and on discord, there have been a lot of projects and drastic changes that have come under our umbrella. Len will be transferring from being our discord admin, to taking on administrative duties. He will be helping with various administrative tasks, as well as handling various social media accounts. He has also become a well skilled switch luber, and may be considered for future switch lubing orders for those who would prefer local lubing services. He has experience in lubing various JWK Switches, which include Alpacas, Mauves, H1’s, Silk & Dry switches, Pinokos, FFF’s, and many more. He also has lubed various Gateron switches, and has done quite a few Kailh type switches.

To help take over Len’s duties on Discord, we’ve enlisted the help of two discord mods to help take care of various jobs and discord channels. If you have any questions about the discord, please direct questions towards both GamingSeat#6162 and Bebop#5981.

We’re Sponsoring Streamers!

We’ve managed to have the incredible fortune of getting to befriend and work with a few very talented streamers, Alexotos, AndyVNyugen, and TimKeyLess. You may have seen Ash chatting in these various streams, as well as seeing our logo across their twitch overlays and websites. You may have also seen the giveaway with Alexotos regarding Infinikey Comfy. Rest assured, we will be doing many giveaways with our streamers to give back to the community that has been so kind to support us all. We intend to reach out to more content creators who share the same enthusiasm and enjoyment for the hobby as we do. Stay tuned!

Product Update

U4 Boba Switches

U4 bobas are now in-stock! From Gazzew comes the highly-praised U4 Boba silent tactile switches! Available in two spring weights and switch tops, built with high quality materials and tuned to near-perfection from constant feedback, these switches belong in everyone’s arsenal!

Switches come bundled in groups of 10.

Deskeys Gasket Films

We’ve received the films, and are now in stock on our store! The films come in packs of 110.

Upcoming Projects

GMK Fundamentals

GMK Fundamentals brings you back to the basics with a subdued, vintage look spiced up with colourful accent caps. Due to some complications with the previous Canadian vendor, the designer has decided to offer the set to us, and we have happily obliged. 

Currently running now until December 5th!

Infinikey Morse

Infinikey Morse pays respect to the beauty and functionality of Morse code, one of the first forms of telecommunication invented by Samuel Morse and extremely important for emergency and military communications. This is the first time Morse code has been printed on keycap sets, so best not to miss out on a bit of keyboard-making history!

Morse will be available from November 20th to December 4th, 2020.

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