Holy Pandas – Review

Holy Pandas – Review


A legendary tactile switch that was coveted after to an insane extent in 2019, Holy Pandas are still regarded as one of the top tactile MX switches.

Tactile – 67g actuation force

/ Drop HP – Cream POM housing
/ NovelKeys – Various coloured housings
/ Price – $1.00+/switch
Holy Pandas are a switch that just about everyone in the community will have heard of, and hopefully tried, at one point or another. Their unique tactile bump accompanied by a very pleasant sound has made them a desired tactile switch across the board, with many people willing to pay far above the average cost of a switch in order to obtain them. They also take well to spring-swapping at various weights, though venturing outside of the 60-70g zone is not recommended as it will lose the signature bump. One can sing their praises all they like, but the best recommendation to understand the love behind this switch is to find some for yourselves and try them out.


Community-renowned tactile bump in the middle of the press
Multiple variants due to availability of different-coloured housing from NovelKeys
Previously extremely difficult to get your hands on, Drop now consistently stocks their Holy Pandas, and NovelKeys continuously stocks YOK Panda variants


Price will skyrocket if no longer available through Drop via the Holy Panda switch or Halo switches for their stems
Tactile bump is weakened considerably if spring weight ventures outside of 60-70g actuation force range


Nowadays it is much easier to get a hold of the switch that the community pined and overpaid for, and for its current price it’s well-worth getting some to try out. They sound and feel fantastic with any plate or board material, so give them a try!
Source: C3 Tangerines
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